An Efficient Solution To Your Shipping Needs

Manufacturers and shippers shouldn't be having trouble finding carriers to deliver their products.VIIVA fixes this, efficiently. 

For example, let's say a shipper needs to find a carrier to deliver their product from LA to Phoenix. With a quick call to VIIVA, our team searches the VIIVA Carrier Network and finds someone who is available and has the right equipment for the job. They can also inquire about carriers to see which ones fit their needs and why.

Building Trust at Every Step of The Way

This is an important part of our service because it helps to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing and shipping process, while also building trust between all parties involved. This saves time and money for both parties involved, which ultimately benefits everyone involved in the manufacturing and shipping process.

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An All-Around Easier Solution

We enable manufacturers and shippers to have a more efficient process for the shipping of their products. By connecting manufacturers, shippers and carriers in one easy-to-use network, VIIVA makes it easier for everyone involved to complete their part of the manufacturing and shipping process more efficiently. This helps eliminate errors and delays - and makes the whole thing more profitable for all involved.
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