Building A Carrier Network For The Future

As we continue to innovate in the industry, we are working with companies who need our services and continue to build our carrier network. We are reaching out to those businesses who want to make the most of their shipping needs, and make sure our carrier members are getting the best deals for their services.

Staying Efficient

Ultimately, VIIVA aims to make transportation and shipping as efficient as possible. We use our strong relationships and experience in the industry to find shippers the exact carrier they need for their loads. The VIIVA Carrier Network currently consists of over 500 carriers located all over the West Coast. It’s a system that is constantly being updated with new information about all carriers, how they perform and what shippers best match their capacity and specialties. We work with both parties to make sure everyone’s happy, but our carrier network always takes priority over external carriers. There are a few reasons why this is important:

It helps shippers find the right carrier for their needs, which can save time and money
It helps carriers find the right loads, which can also save time and money.
It builds trust between shippers and carriers by establishing a good reputation for both sides.

Viiva carrier network

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